Beautiful Friends

Here's a collection of some of the best shots I've taken of my friends in the last couple months. Thanks for the constant inspiration, you beauties.

“I’ve carried the shame of being a ‘creative’ since I came to the 
planet; have been asked to be something different, more, less my 
whole life. Thank spirit, my wisdom is deeper than my shame, and 
I listened to who I was. I want to say to all the creatives who have 
been taught to believe who you are is not enough for this world, taught that a life of art will amount to nothing, know that who we are, and what we do is life. When we create, we are creating the world. Remember this, and commit.” 

― Nayyirah Waheed

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One Response to “Beautiful Friends”

  1. Brilliant! You have been hiding your talent! :) xx