I Woke Up Like This

Well, once again I'm hurt. But that's the nature of my sport and an 8 week break ain't so bad. It means a lot of downtime, and of course my life feels a little emptier without wakeboarding, but it also gives me a chance to focus on some of my other hobbies.

Whenever something awesome happens or the light is hitting someones face just right, I always wish I had a camera in my hand. I just want to capture that moment forever. I want to shoot everyone and everything. I love to capture people candidly and allow them to see a little glimpse of just how beautiful they look to others.  I'm sure people with an artistic eye can relate but I think I see settings and people differently to most. I love shooting portraits because, hey, eyes really are the windows to the soul. Turns out a lot of people don't like to have a camera pushed in their face but they're warming up to me. I've decided to start blogging the little photo-shoots I do so if you like it give me some feedback, and if you don't, well, I don't care! Unless a lot of you oppose, because then I do care and I'll probably become a recluse and stop social media-ing all together.

Well my first, and most approachable subject, would have to be my sister. At just 18 months apart we get along superbly but we differ in many ways. She's sharp and witty - a wordsmith, whereas I'm blunt in comparison. She's graceful, I'm... athletic. She's more reserved, I'm outgoing. She understands grammar, I use commas at all the wrong times. She surrounds herself with words, I choose water. She's blog famous but she still has time for the little people. She worships Beyonce, I bow down to the likes of Kelly Slater. I think you get it.

Speaking of Queen Bey, I chose the quote 'I Woke Up Like This' from her song Flawless for the title because my sister really does... well, wake up looking like this. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more photos coming soon :)

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