CWB in South Africa PHOTOS

When I found out that Andrew, Palma, and Daniel were all going on a trip to South Africa I knew that I immediately wanted to be a part of it. I am originally from Cape Town and I hadn't been back home in over 6 years. I contacted Shaun Meredith, host of the wake contest/festival, Wet & Wild and he invited me to come out with the guys.

We spent 2 weeks in the Johannesburg area which was really cool and different for me as I haven't really spent much time up north. I'm used to the very southern tip of the country which is all beaches and mountains, whereas, Joburg is more city life.

We started the trip off with a super fun day of competing in Wet & Wild, where I rode against the boys, and Palma managed to take the win. That night we fought the jet lag and stayed up to enjoy the festival and listen to the Shapeshifters DJ. We then went to Lory Park Zoo where we got to go in the cages with everything from baby lions to jaguars. Following the contest, we had a conference with the MC and CWB distributors in the area and gave them some insight on the 2014 lines which was really cool.

After the contest and meetings were done, we had a week to unwind and relax on the Vaal river riding behind SA's first 2013 MasterCraft XSTAR.

Thanks so much to the Meredith's for hosting us in their beautiful home and making it such a memorable trip.

Of course the whole thing was documented so stay tuned for an edit from the entire trip :) In the meantime, here are some screenshots to enjoy:

Up close and personal on a game drive.

Daniel and Palma at the start dock of Wet & Wild.

Josh Palma taking the win at Wet & Wild.

Wet & Wild by night.

The sunsets on the Vaal are breathtaking. 

4 month old lion cub!

Fallin' in love.

Check out those claws!

Not camera shy.

Haha not sure if she was a fan of Andrew.

After slobbering all over my neck, Jedi the black panther then grabbed me by the back of the neck which got a little scary for a minute.


Palma also got the same treatment and Jedi was a big fan of his dreads.

Surprisingly, leopards tongues feel a lot like sandpaper. 

Stunning adult tiger. Apparently, there are only 3,200 tigers left in the wild :( 
Trust me when I say this animal wears its coat way better than any floor ever will. 

Male and female lions that are currently mating. Matty has raised this huge guy since he was a cub so she is the only one comfortable rubbing his mane like a dog. 

These little guys are called Servals.

Super cute. (They don't ever grow into their ears either)

Dan chilling at Waterworld - a big Mastercraft/CWB dealership in Joburg.

CWB conference at Waterworld with me, Daniel, Andrew and Palma.

Cliff chillin' with this random statue on the Vaal river.

Jumping off said cliff with Dan and Keenan.

Palma getting steezy!

About to ride a doubles set with Dan.

Loving my new set up! Ember boots are popping!

Dan with a Stale Roll to Blind as the sun sets.

'Merica in SA.

This was our first ride on the river as the sun set. 
Underglow lights on the XSTAR look incredible in this setting.

Dan jumping over me during a GoPro set.

Cruisin' some butter.

Pretty cool perspective from the Wild Child getting towed behind the XSTAR.

Vid coming soon!

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3 Responses to “CWB in South Africa PHOTOS”

  1. Wonderful. So glad you were given the opportunity to go back to our homeland! Cool pics. :: xx

  2. Thanks for visiting CMH Marine & Leisure and teaching us more about the 2014 CWB board line up. We enjoyed it, and hope that you all have found a love for South Africa and will be back soon.

    1. No problem! We had a blast. Can you tell me the names of the dealers that we met with and where they were from? Thanks!