#NicolaButlerSummer Contest

So, after doing some summer cleaning yesterday I discovered that I am kind of an old board hoarder. Most are the boards are from 2011-2012 and are only lightly used so I never had the heart to throw them out.  

Instead, I'd like to autograph them and send them to some of my lucky fans! 

With that being said, I have 8 boards to give away and if you win all you have to do is pay for shipping! USA ONLY.

Tag me in your most CREATIVE summer fun photo. (Spoiler alert: Boats and lakes will not win!) Also, I should add SUMMER 2013, which means recent photos and not photos from 526 weeks ago!! Use the hashtag #NicolaButlerSummer so I can see them all in one place.

I will pick the 8 best photos by the end of the week - June 14th.

The contest is on Instagram (if you don't have an Instagram, Facebook is also acceptable)

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