Interview with WakeWorld

If Nicola Butler wasn't one of the greatest female wakeboarders to date, she would probably be in a band behind a microphone or playing an instrument. I think in a past life she was a rock star, but this isn't about how cool she is or her musical dreams. This is about a girl who at the age of 20 has won two Queen of Wake titles, multiple tour championships, three World titles and much more. Nicola has been to the top of the mountain and has built her own house up there!
At Nationals this past season, Nicola took a bad fall and nobody knew how she would recover. She’s now in the process of getting back to her place at the top of the mountain, but it's not going to be easy. A lot of pro women riders want to move into the void created by Nic's absence. I got together with Nicola to discuss her injury as well as her thoughts about next season...

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