Ich liebe Deutschland

A couple weeks ago Melissa Marquardt and I came up with the idea to do a month long trip around Germany to ride and film. With the support of GoPro and Oakley, we were able to make this trip happen and couldn't be more stoked to be here. Germany has some of the best cable parks in the world. With over 80 parks we were super excited to start our journey.

Our first stop was Amsterdam where we met up with Nik Summers who is the International distributor for GoPro. He took us to the Burton 13 Premier, which was an awesome night and we met some new friends who are going to take us snowboarding in Austria next month before we go home. Next, we got the train to Langenfeld, Germany and rode and filmed there all week. We went up to the Bricks cable park which was one of the most unique cable parks I've ever been to. The hospitality was awesome and it definitely lived up to its reputation.
We then drove over to Burnside cable in Holland for the day to compete and support the girls in a local rail contest which was a lot of fun. After that, we made our way down to the south of Germany to meet up with some friends and compete in Nico Von Lerchenfeld's Cash for Tricks contest. (Video coming soon from the practice session!)
Melissa and I are now traveling with Bob Soven and Shane Bonifay on the Monster tour. We are currently at Turn Cable which is absolute paradise. They have every rail imaginable and 1 cable that goes left and the other right. We are planning to finish our trip off with snowboarding in Austria and then some more wake boarding in Italy with Nico before we fly home. So far this has been the best trip I have ever been on and Melissa and I are having the time of our lives riding and seeing all these beautiful countries. Stay tuned for some more updates and new edits coming out soon!

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