Viva México edit coming soon...

I have been in Monterrey, Mexico for the last week having the time of my life with some of the top freestyle wakeboarders in the world. Unfortunately, I cannot ride in the contest as I am injured but I decided to still come on the trip and film and hang out. The invited riders range from names like Dean Smith to JD Webb, Ricky G, and Randall Harris all competing for the coveted title of styliest rider and $10,000 prize purse in the most unique contest format wakeboarding has ever seen. 

Each rider will get a total of 7 minutes to ride behind the G23 and express themselves however they want to. Whether that is straight wake tricks, double ups, or a combination of both - anything goes. On the girls side, Melissa M, Amber Wing, Corrie Dyer and local rider Larissa Morales are battling it out for the women's top spot. 

The hospitality and conditions here have been amazing. From the water-slides to the diving boards to the heli shoots and unreal riding behind a brand new G23 I am excited to start putting all this footage together. Heres a sneak peak of the event so far and stay tuned for the video coming soon!

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